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Paramed CZ has over 25yrs of experience in the field of general and emergency medical care. We specialize in the provision of medical training especially for those that wish to live and work in remote and austere environments.

Our medical courses are internationally recognized and accredited. We ensure that all our subject materials and equipment are modern and up to date and in thinking with the latest advances in remote medical care. Our business is based on our reputation.

This has been borne by our very satisfied clients and students. 


The Paramed CZ mission is to save lives and prevent injury or illness from worsening in order to promote recovery and return to full health. We will do this by the provision of medical services and training. 


We specialise in the delivery of medical training from basic first aid to advanced remote medicine for extreme environments. 

We are here to service all of your medical needs. We are able to provide advice and assistance wherever you may need it including, but not limited to, the purchase of training and medical equipment and literature, advice on medical needs for projects located in a remote or austere environment and tactical training through our business partners and reliable sources.

We are a licenced partner of Iqarus International Ltd. We deliver the highly sought after and reputable Medicine in Remote Areas, (MIRA) course. 


Iqarus UK licenced MIRA, initial and refresher courses

Combat Lifesaver, Basic and Advanced

Combat Lifesaver Instructor

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