Cancellation Policy

Paramed CZ reserve the right to cancel a course. This would only normally be done in extenuating circumstances. All persons already enrolled on any course that is cancelled will receive a full refund of any monies paid or be reserved a place on a future course at no further cost. It is the students responsibility to ensure that they purchase the appropriate travel insurance to compensate for any travel or accommodation losses that might occur.

A non refundable deposit is to be paid to Paramed CZ no later than one month prior to the start of the course, (so that we can send pre-course study materials). This deposit will be lost if the student cancels their attendance at any time.

If a student has paid the full course cost but is then unable to attend or has to leave the course at any time for personal reasons they will not receive a refund, however they may re-book on to a future course within a 6 month period and incur no further costs.

Paramed CZ understands that there may be circumstances beyond an individuals control that may necessitate a students non attendance. Paramed CZ is willing to discuss and agree a course of action that suits both Paramed CZ and the student so that the student has the opportunity to complete the course of instruction he/she has purchased.