NAEMT Tactical Combat Casualty Care All Combatants

Price 125 euro / 3000 czk This is the 2 day NAEMT Combat Casualty Care for Al Combatants course. It is aimed at non medically trained persons. For further information contact us at

K9 Emergency Casualty Care

Price 125 euro / 3000 czk This course has been designed for any persons with an interest in the emergency care of dogs. Typically these persons will be dog owners, have an interest in working dogs or are military or police dog handlers. This course of instruction will provide students with the…

TECC / MIRA Combined

Price 1250 euro / 33,000 czk For more information contact

USA NAEMT Tactical Combat Casualty Care Provider

Price 160 euro / 4000 czk    

Instructional Skills

Currently no courses scheduled. Contact for further information. Thank you.

Tactical Lifesaver

Price 500 euro The Adapted 3 day Combat Lifesaver course will cover the TCCC syllabus in a Close Quarter Battle, 'CQB' context. The course is hosted by our partners, Project Gecko based in Germany. If you are interested, require further information and would like to register please contact us at…

USA NAEMT Tactical Emergency Casualty Care

Price 160 euro / 4000 czk