Terms and Conditions

Paperwork and Payments:

Registration form: All course participants must complete and return a course registration form. This can be completed by registering on this website or by email and returning the form to paramedcz@outlook.com.

Payment of course fees: Course fees can be payed by bank transfer and/or Paypal. A 10%, non refundable deposit is to be paid to Paramed CZ to secure a place on a course. Payment of any unpaid/outstanding fees must be paid in cash on the morning of the course at registration on day 1 prior to commencement on the course. Course fees are in Euros. Payment may also be made in Czech Korouna but at the current exchange rate.

You will be required to complete a liability waiver and health questionaire provided to you at course registration on the first day. This information will remain confidential and will not be shared with any persons outside of Paramed CZ.

Course costs and duration: Paramed CZ reserves the right to change and adjust course fees and duration. Course costs will be set for each course and will not be changed once students have enrolled upon that course.

Prices: Fees include all course materials. Fees do not include, travel to and from the training venue, accommodation and food unless stated otherwise. Coffee, Tea are normally provided free of charge throughout the day.

Course materials: All course materials remain copyright of Paramed CZ. They may not be replicated, reproduced or copied without notification and prior consent of Paramed CZ.

Health and Safety: Paramed CZ have an obligation under health and safety regulations to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, that all visitors to our premises are not exposed to any unnecessary risks or hazards which might cause harm or injury. Course participants are requested to co-operate positively to achieve a healthy and safe working environment. Further guidance will be given at the start and before any activity. We reserve the right to stop activities at any time and remove any person from the course if the health and safety of individuals or others is compromised.

Physical fitness: There is a physical aspect to all our courses and you must be capable or performing CPR and assisting others in moving / carrying simulated casualties. You will be required to complete a health questionaire to participate. All injuries or illness must be reported to your Instructor / Course Director at the earliest opportunity.

Equipment: Paramed CZ reserves the right to bear no responsibility or ownership where a students personal property becomes lost or damaged. You are required to bring with you clothing and equipment suitable for training outdoors, including activity during inclement weather.

Competency: In order to complete a course you will be required to pass an examination. The examination will typically be in two parts. Part 1 is a multiple choice question paper and Part 2 is a practical assessment. If the course in conducted in English langauge the examination will be in English. If the course is conducted in any other langauge it will be in that language. The certfications awarded by Paramed CZ, are internationally recognised, academic qualifications and are adjudicated accordingly. You will be advised, on an individual basis on whether you have satisfied the examination requirements or not. You will be able to re-sit examinations at the end of the course or you may return within three months for re-examination free of charge.

Certification: Students will receive a certificate of training, issued by Paramed CZ at the end of the course. Employers may contact Paramed CZ at any time to verify that a student has attended a course of training at Paramed CZ and the examination outcome.

Summary: If any person has any questions regarding any of the above they should contact Paramed CZ by email at paramedcz@outlook.com