Tim Cranton 

Tim Cranton is a UK State Registered Paramedic and Ex Fire Officer who completed military service as an accomplished Combat Medic. He has extensive experience in the planning, development, co-ordination and provision of Emergency Services, Training, Health and Safety and Environmental Support in Remote and austere locations around the world.

During his career, Tim has served with various military forces and still takes an active role in special operations training with NATO forces. 

Tim is the Owner and Training Director of Paramed CZ whose speciality is remote and austere environment care where patients who are ill or injured require extensive levels of care and often prolonged evacuation. Today, Tim is still working as an Emergency and Remote Care Practioner which keeps him up to date in current practice and procedures.

Tim is a dedicated Instructor who knows how important quality training is in order to provide the best level of care to any potential patient or client.

Tim has a solid backround in weapons and tactics. He is trained to SWAT Team Leader level and is POST (Police Officer Standards Training) certified Firearms Instructor.